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Helping Hands

Cross Roads Church


Helping Hands is a ministry of Cross Roads Free Will Baptist Church of Jackonsville, AR.  The purpose of this ministry is to have the opportunity to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus by ministering to those in need by assisting with small around-the-house projects such as lawn work, painting, small home repairs, clean up, etc.  We are focused on assisting those in need that cannot afford or are not physcially able to take care of such work.  We are NOT professionals in construction, lawn care, or painting, but rather VOLUNTEERS from different walks of life who are willing to help out in a time of need.


Currently, we serve those in Jacksonville, AR, and the surrounding areas.


If you, or someone you know, are in need of assistance with a small around-the-house type project, please fill and submit the form below.  It is a fillable form that can be directly submitted to our email by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom once completed.  A determination of undertaking the project will be made based upon :

  1. Need

  2. Feasibility and skill level of our volunteers

  3. Ability to commnicate with the individual that submits the form

  4. Location

  5. Time available

Projects with the highest level of need (based on our opinion) will be ranked first.


You can also email with additional comments and/or information.

Your details were sent successfully!

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